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Sunday, Sunday

Good morning! A quiet moment before I jump into my day. I haven't been writing lately. Life, y'know. I'm not alone. As we all find our way into a new normal, forging new ways of doing things, working around social protocols (masking, social distancing), our natural biorhythm seeks balance, symmetry, &

some way of gaining a foothold. My fellow artists struggle to adapt to different ways of getting eyes on the visual artwork they've spent years of their lives cultivating, improving & sharing. For me, I'm taking advantage of this unfortunate opportunity to hunker down in my studio, jettison the old, carefully consider where I am going on this art journey. You will see rapid changes, hopefully, in what flows onto the canvas in Studio 14.

Why you ask? Whats so different? Well, I've had a lot of time to reflect on what I really want to express now, what is relevant to me, what stirs me, calms me, calls to me to be my best self. Still, the familiar themes of the grunge & grit of daily life (where creatives live to squeeze out what vulnerability cries to hide) & the calming, crashing voice of the natural world we inhabit, we are part of. Order follows chaos. As we emerge into a new order, we are roiled in chaos. Think about it: the environment complains we've abused her egregiously, threatening to stamp us out if we don't change our ways. The price we pay for the calm that surely will follow. Momentary order. Sort of like my closet. Order doesn't last long until change is demanded. That's why simplifying works so much better.

That's where I am landing for now. Simplifying, my life, my art. We'll see how I do. What about you? Does this sound like a familiar theme in your life? How is all this crazy weather, political scene, social change affecting what you're creating? I'd really love to hear from you. Meanwhile, have a great day! Really. Do it.

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