Studio 5B....ending an era

Nearly 5 years ago, I had the good fortune of being invited to share a studio, 5B, with Katy Kindig at Alameda Artworks. Katy was a generous, kind, wise and funny studio mate. Just before she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer last summer, I had left the studio to claim my own space, Studio 14, in the Alameda Artworks. It was a victory we both celebrated with accompanying feelings of at the loss of sharing time together. I was barely settled in my new space, #14, when she informed me of her diagnosis. It rocked her world, my world, and the whole of Alameda Artworks. Every life was changed of those who knew Katy well. It is a loss beyond description. I didn't paint for over six months following Katy's diagnosis. Recently I returned to the 'new' studio, #14, and have had new insights about my artist voice. So a new journey begins, Katy will always be with me in spirit. My former shared studio (5B) shown here, will always be in my heart. I will always hear Katy's laugh as she said, "I tell Phyllis I like a piece of her work and she changes it!" It's okay; she as usual acknowledged my struggle in finding my artistic path. While I will miss her always, she is forever in my heart and spirit. I am changed because of my relationship with her. I am not alone. "I love you, Katy, forever."

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